Memory game for 2-4 people.

Each of the players gets 5 small cards and places them in line in front of him/her, without looking at the pictures. Then one big card is laid out – all of the players look at it carefully and try to memorize mice it depicts. When everybody is ready, the big card should be flipped over. Now the players uncover their cards and choose mice that are shown, according to them, on the big card (if they have two identical cards, they lay out only one of them); they cover the rest of cards. They flip the big card over once again to check the answers. The correctly guessed mice are retained by the players – it is their award! If the players mischoose, they must give away two cards that were gained before. The players pick the cards so that each of them has 5 cards again. Now is the time to flip over the next big card. The game continues until one of the players is out of cards. The winner is the person with the best memory, and who collects the most cards.


box 11 cm x 16 cm x 3,5 cm


379 in stock

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