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Privacy Policy

1. This Privacy Policy sets forth the principles of processing and protection of personal data provided by users in connection with their use of services provided electronically through the website www.kalimba.pl.

2. The controller of personal data contained in the website is Kalimba Natalia Luniak, having its registered office in Warsaw, ul. Mierosławskiego 9. NIP 525-227-53-31
REGON 015675261

3. In order to ensure the security of the data entrusted to us, we have developed internal policies, procedures and recommendations aimed at preventing the data from being made available to unauthorized persons. We monitor the implementation of the policies, procedures and recommendations, and constantly check their compliance with relevant legal acts – the Act on personal data protection, the Act on provision of electronic services, as well as all kinds of implementing acts and Union law acts.

4. Personal data are processed on the basis of the consent given by the user and in cases where the law authorizes the controller to process personal data on the basis of the applicable law or for the purpose of performing an agreement made by the parties.

5. The website obtains information about users and their behaviour in the following way:
• by processing information freely given in the forms
• by collecting cookies.

6. The website collects information freely given by the user.

7. The data provided in the form are processed for the purpose served by that specific form, e.g. in order to handle the contact providing information.

8. Personal data provided on the website will not be sold nor otherwise made available to third parties, in accordance with the provisions of the Act on personal data protection.

9. The data contained in the form may be accessed by the natural person who provided them. This person also has the right to modify or withdraw their consent to the processing of their data at any time.

10. Moreover, we would like to assure you that the intention of Kalimba is to fully respect the privacy principles and it is not the intention of Kalimba to use your personal data for the purposes other than those specified above and in the GDPR nor to transfer your personal data to third countries or international organizations. We would also like to inform you that Kalimba is the sole recipient of your personal data.

11. We reserve the right to change the privacy policy of the website. The change may be affected by the development of internet technology, possible changes in the law on personal data protection and the development of our website. We will keep you informed

We have updated our privacy policy in connection with the GDPR regulation. This site uses cookies. By clicking the "X" symbol in the bottom right corner of this window you agree to the processing of your personal data in order to use the website www.kalmba.pl and all the functionalities available on the website www.kalimba.pl. At the same time, we would like to inform you that you agree to the saving of cookies on your device and to use the information stored in them. Remember that you can change your cookie settings at any time. More about our privacy policy.