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About us

Kalimba is an exceptional toy world. It’s an universe full of animals and magical creatures. Only children know if they are reptiles, elephants, wolfs or simply balls.

Since the beginning we create our toys together with children. Thanks to their imagination and stories they’re sharing with us we created unique shapes, friendly monsters and puffy softies.

Kalimba allows children to see themselves a world filled with unexpected guests and unusual events.

Kids can tame their fears and take care of something weak and vulnerable, have fun or create an imaginary world around them.

Simplicity of shapes, their true colours and softness of touch help to develop child’s imagination and creativity. Playing with modern and educational toys is beneficial for child’s esthetic and social development.

Imagination is our priority! Kalimba creates toys for everyone, there are no distinctions among colours, genders, age groups, purposes! That’s why our toys are universal and can be passed from one generation to another, from boys to girls and all the way around. All toys are made with natural materials, in limited series, in a controlled environment and under fair trade conditions.

Kalimba — everything is possible.

Natka Luniak

My name is Natka Luniak. I started Kalimba in 2004. The first toys I made were for my 3-year old daughter, Hela. I was seeing that my friends' children and also other children we met on playgrounds like the toys, so I decided to start a company.

When I design toys I try to reconcile children's perspective, modern esthetics, new methods of production and educational values. Our toys won many awards and were part of many exhibitions.

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