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Kalimba - kofifi

Toy shop for children. Cafe for parents

It’s not true that you can’t visit a café if you have a small child. Of course, you can. Try ours.

KALIMBA offers space for both parents and children. Because we want to prove that the worlds of adults and children have a lot in common – they can merge together.

At our place parents can have a chat over a cup of delicious coffee, while children will arrange their small but important matters in a fairytale cottage (it’s only for them!) or a wooden play corner on a mysterious mezzanine! There are so many attractions that it’s difficult to mention all of them: a drawing board, a crazy choo-choo train running under the ceiling, baskets full of toy and shelves filled with books… And there is also a swing for the youngest children!

Our big and small guests can participate in cultural events of KALIMBA together: exhibitions, demonstrations, meetings, workshops… Numerous surprises await them!

For those tired of playing, we offer delicious soups, toast, sandwiches, cakes, ice cream, jellies, hot chocolate and many other delicacies. You may take the food to the playground (in the park just the opposite) or eat inside, relaxing in its cheerful, candy-coloured interior.

The café also houses our brand shop where you can buy all the KALIMBA toys (including those unavailable online). We offer especially selected books from the best children’s publishing houses! At kofifi you can also see KALIMBA furniture as well as other elements of the children’s interior, which can be ordered with us!

We heartily invite you !

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