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The instrument that gave us its name

Kalimba comes form Africa, a large and hot continent, and it is a version of a magic instrument called Mbira.

Mbira was mentioned for the first time in the ancient African legends. Over thousands of years the story of a tired woman going back home and carrying dry twigs was passed form one person to another. According to this story, when walking past the river this old woman heard a beautiful tune. Magnificent sounds filled her with peace and she felt better immediately. The bundle she carried on her back seemed to grow lighter and the sun stooped burning her dark skin, delicately stroking it with its rays. The woman approached the place from which the tune was coming and wanted to see the person who was playing so beautifully and who changed this hot African afternoon into a magnificent brisk day. There was nobody by the river though. The melody was still filling the air but one could not see the musician. She went into the water. The cold that reached her feet made her feel even better. She was feeling great when suddenly she tipped over something that was lying at the bottom. It was Mbira—the source of the incredible tune.

From that moment onwards the members of an ancient Shona tribe living in Zimbabwe used the magic instrument to contact the spirits of their ancestors. Incredible sounds produced by the inner part of Mbira are so prehistoric and beautiful that they draw the spirits that can hear them down to the Earth. Hence this archaic document was used during religious ceremonies. It was forbidden to play it just for fun. It was only used during mystic ceremonies.

Mbira gave birth to many children which turned out to be a large group of instruments called Lamellophones. One of its most joyful daughters is our plumpy and charming Kalimba. From the very moment of its birth Kalimba kept wanting to bring people peace and hence its soothing and harmonic sound.

These properties were used by a wanderer who met a hungry lion on his way. The animal started to chase the man. He wanted to save his life, climbed the tree and began to play Kalimba. The king of the jungle curled up and fell asleep, while a happy wanderer, who got out of the whole situation unscathed, could continue his journey.

It was the wanderers who most often made use of an incredible strength of the instrument. During their long journeys the magnificent melody gave them strength and helped them to walk large distances.

The soothing character of Kalimba has an impact not only on animals and but also on nature. The sailors who witnessed a terrible storm on the sea would definitely agree. Had it not been for the fact that one of the sailors started to play Kalimba, their ship would have been destroyed by the dangerous element. Right at the moment when the wind started to carry the magic tune the clouds dispersed and the storm faded away. The sun came out and the sailors reached the port, accompanied by Kalimba sounds.

Kalimba has a remarkable strength. In difficult situations it comes to people’s rescue, bringing them peace and joy. You may also make use of it.

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