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Where does the idea of Kalimba come from?

What is our purpose?

What kind of things do we do? What is our purpose?

My name is Natka Luniak. I'm Hela's mother. I have created Kalimba for her. I started making toys for Hela and since Hela really liked them I decided to make them for other children.

My ideas for the toys come from the memories connected with childhood, my own, my mother's and my grandmother's. Like old toys, my toys are made from wood and natural materials; they are hand sown, hand cut and hand painted.

I design toys because children need good design. Children need it because they like to be surrounded by nice objects. And parents need it too - so that they could enjoy playing with their children. Spending time with children broadens our horizons, it helps us see the fragments of reality that might have been forgotten or invisible.

One day someone brought kalimba to my house - it was a mysterious instrument that produced a mixture of soothing and joyful sound. I knew that its name was ideal for my toys - it sounded so tender and soothing. Thus Kalimba became the patron of the workshop. It was an inspiration for music instruments from Kalimba collection. Making music is a great fun.

By working with toys I'm developing a child in myself. Hence I have married Kalimba with the favourite fruit of my childhood - a red watermelon cut in half. That is how the logo of my toys, my workshop and my idea was created. Watermelon-like Kalimba does not only mean toys. Toys are just the starting point and inspiration for play, such as: workshops, performances, stories to be told, the Kofifi coffee house… Both for children and for their parents.

Where will our play lead us to? We'll see. Join us.

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